Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

or so they say. Sometimes in the absence of something you realize you don’t need it, it was something (or someone) that added more stress to your life. Then there are the times where you realize you life is better in some way, big or small, because you have that thing (or someone) in your life.

I came to that realization over the past couple weeks, culminating yesterday in my resolve to return to my blog. You, the reader, may not have missed me, but I missed having this outlet. After all, the purpose of my starting a blog was to find a release. Some way for me to get everything out of my head and express things, some way to help keep me from going crazy! Besides the regular morning chats with my BFF, that is.  ☺

Actually my resolution (after all, resolutions are not meant for only the beginning of a new year, right?) to myself encompassed more than returning to my blog on a regular basis. I have been slowly spiraling into CHAOS (remember that post?). My home, my schedule, my brain; all getting too cluttered to function properly, too out of tune with my priorities for me to be happy.

So, why did I stop blogging? What happened to draw me away from my journey to a simpler, more organized life? That’s the funny part. I moved. A new beginning, right? A fresh canvas. My problem was that I didn’t stay focused, I let things continue to pile on, I didn’t “just say no”. I commuted more than I needed to, using my precious time and valuable gas, until I couldn’t afford to even go to the store. I added more responsibilities, along with unpacking, until things started getting misplaced and lost. And I found a lost interest, which resulted in me becoming my own boss in another adventure!

SO, I stopped commuting. My kids transferred schools and now take the bus, bike or walk, saving me over 1½ hours in the morning – that’s a LOT of time. I also told my sister she would have to drop off/pick up her son for daycare or have him sleepover, so for now I have 3 kids during the week.. but this is temporary. And my nephew is a good kid.

I started delegating – I don’t have to DO it all, even if I oversee it. I am asking for help more often with more things. I have given my kids additional chores (I still need to make up schedule/chore charts to help them stay on task), and I have loosened the reigns a bit on my issue with ‘control’. Of course that’s a whole different post! haha..

I have said “no” more often, giving myself the time I need to unpack and put things away where I want them. I’ve put some items in ‘holding’ (an extra closet) until I figure out where exactly I want them or IF I really want to keep them. My house is slowly becoming the neat, organized, relaxing oasis I want for my family.

As for the business, I started selling Avon. Again. I used to sell Avon back in the late 90’s. I loved it then, I love it now. I stopped at a time when I was having personal issues in my relationship with my husband.. too much drama. I have always found myself drawn to the Avon brochures – for me it’s not all about the makeup. I love the extras Avon has also. Now I can get the skin care, the makeup, the ‘extras’ AND save money doing it. Even make money doing it! And it’s so easy..

Here’s my plug.  😉
You can start your own Avon business for only $10. WHAT? Yep, TEN dollars. I did that. And in my first order, I had a friend order some products, but I also ordered some makeup. And guess what? I made that $10 back on her order. But I also made that $10 back in the money I saved on the products I bought for myself! WooHoo!

I’m taking MY Avon one step further. Yep, this is only my 2nd ‘campaign’ (brochure), but I have a helping, leading type of personality. I am starting Avon Leadership. What does that mean? If YOU want to start your own Avon business, let me know. Ask me any questions you have. I’d be MORE than happy to go over the opportunity with you. And I’d be even MORE happy to help you get started for only $10 too!

More on life later…    it’s all uphill from here, right?


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